Good times

Today was the first day of my midweek weekend so I attempted to do some Christmas shopping. I started strong and then crashed and burned. But the attempt was there so I’ll go ahead and count it. Productivity is a tricky little bastard. 

At least I just bought makeup and not clothes. I have more clothing than I can adequately store, yet I always feel like I have nothing to wear. Case in point: the above outfit. The skirt AND sweater both belong to Keiko. Forty-something pounds in my suitcase and I ran out of things I wanted to wear, oh… I’d say about two days into our trip. Or maybe she just had better stuff. Yea, that’s definitely it. 

Tomorrow I’ll be baking with some of my friends from work. Hello Sailor is turning into hello gingerbread men. And hey, I’m alright with that. 

Kimberly Grace 

Outfit Details:
Sweater and skirt: Borrowed from Keiko
Initial ring: Gift from Keiko
Theory boots: Seychelles
Darling bag: c/o Emerging Thoughts

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