And we’ll never be royals…

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Lately, I’ve been working on the balance of work and my social life. Since I got back from Vietnam, work has been super busy. I had made a resolution to be better at making plans wih friends and I think I did a fairly good job this week. Had a nail painting night with Alexis and Sara, brunch with Amy, dinner with Liz, helped with a secret supper series my friend, Dan, hosted, and had a work date with Will today. All in all, a very productive week, socially at least. Next up: getting more up on the blog. I already have some ideas for new posts for drinks. Micheladas anyone?

Kimberly Grace

Outfit details:
Dress - vintage
Pansy flats - Seychelles
"Fuck" ring - Gift from Keiko
Ella flower crown -  handmade & available on Emerging Thoughts

a little bit closer

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Over the last few weeks I’ve been working on some new flower crowns for Emerging Thoughts! I’m very excited that we’ll be putting them up on the site later this week. Going downtown to look for supplies was super exciting AND stressful. I never knew there were stores just filled floor to ceiling with flowers. It was intense!

I’ll definitely be keeping one of each style for myself! I love them and hope you guys do too!

Kimberly Grace 

Outfit Details:
Dress: Kimchi Blue (UO)
Pansy flats: Seychelles 
Flower Crown: Can I Get A What What for Emerging Thoughts (coming this week!) 

Rule number one, is that you gotta have fun.

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I’m back! Sorry for the absence. When I travel, I sort of check out in all other areas of my life. My mom and boyfriend asked if I would at least check in so they’d know I was alive. Clearly they have no confidence in me.

These photos were from the other day when my friend Anna and I went to Burbank to stuff our faces at Porto’s. I believe it was the next day, the napoleon and guava & cheese strudel fresh in my memory, that I started the Insanity workout. Everything hurts. Anyway, I had Anna snap a few photos of my beloved new Dear Creatures arrow dress. As soon as I saw the spring pre-sale on Emerging Thoughts, I knew I had to have it. That back cutout is perfect. 

I’m still working on the photos from Barcelona and Madrid so hopefully those will be up soon. It’s taking longer than expected. Other than that, I’m just getting back into the groove here. I’ve been wanting to go dancing and shopping lately so I might have a treat yo self day. Maybe throw a massage into the mix. My birthday is in May after all. Might as well start the festivities a little early. 

Kimberly Grace 

Outfit Details:
Dear Creatures Arrow Dress: Emerging Thoughts
Horse tote bag: Craft Fair (no tag!)
Limousine flats: c/o BC Footwear
Flower Headband: DIY

Apple Cider

I’m such a sucker for autumn. One of my favorite things to do on my Nashville trip was to pull over (or stop walking) to look at all of the beautiful trees. Brilliant shades of red, yellow, orange, and brown were all around us and I wondered how I could deprive any future children of that sight. I will say though that I have noticed the leaves changing in LA this year. I feel like I haven’t noticed it as much in other years. Maybe it’s where I currently live or the weather cooled down more rapidly. I couldn’t say for sure, but it’s beautiful. 

I’ve been drinking lots of apple cider (spiked and regular!) and buying apple cider candles too. I’m obsessed. I just ordered pumpkin and gingerbread candles as well, so hopefully they smell just as good. I really need to pull away from the online shopping though. At least some of the purchases are for Christmas gifts. That makes it ok, right? 

Kimberly Grace

Outfit Details:
Sweater and beloved jeggings - Urban Outfitters
Flower crown - handmade by me :) 

*These photos were taken at the beautiful Hutton Hotel in Nashville right before we started our drive back to New York. 

Hello, Autumn

I speak to my mom multiple times a day. It’s at the point where if she can’t get a hold of me by noon, she thinks I’m dead. But today’s call was particularly cute.

Backstory: My mom is an artist. Our house back in Florida had pictures she had painted hanging on the walls. She also made a big grandfather clock painting that actually tells time. I was always amazed by that one. She taught art for years in New York and Florida but I didn’t think she had created anything in the last few years. 

During our conversation today, she told me how she was working on some watercolor paintings as well as a plaster piece. She was giving me advice based on her experiences getting back into her art. She said if it’s not going as planned, you need to take a break and return to it at a later time… hopefully with a clearer head/vision. 

That resonated with me because I had just gone through a similar experience. This damn flower crown was a labor of LOVE I tell you. I had another one that I had been working on, but about halfway through, I realized the flowers were way too big (even for me!). I took a week away from it and then went to Michael’s Craft store for some new supplies and a fresh start. Sometimes, that’s all you need. It’s important to allow yourself to go through the trial and error part of the creative experience. You never know what’s on the other side if you prevent yourself from finding out.

Kimberly Grace

Outfit Details:
Cut out blouse: Ark & Co.
Bustier: Sparkle and Fade 
Jeggings: BDG
Eye to Eye Wedges: Seychelles (on sale!)
Bag: R and Em
Flower crown: DIY
Giant ring: Artists and Flea 
Bracelet: Inpink 

P.S. My boyfriend, Will, has started asking me if we’re going to the Harvest Festival every time I wear this flower crown.  Also, a man in the supermarket told me that I was autumn, personified. It’s definitely a conversation starter. 

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