Underneath the swinging lights…

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I’m OBSESSED with Claudia and Mark’s house in Nashville. Like, I don’t even think the all caps on that got the point across. It’s perfect. Everything about it. The wall colors alone are to die for, but then take in the fact that each room has it’s own personality. I can’t get enough of it. Every time I go there, I’m drooling. 

Will and I have been discussing our moving in together in the fall. We’re going to make a list of must haves and would likes to help narrow down the process. He can look at three places and then pick one. I, on the other hand, need to see every place available and usually end up crying during the process. Wherever we end up, I’m going to definitely take more time to decorate early on. No more waiting until a year in. Wall painting, picture hanging, and the bar cart I’ve been wanting will all be done and in place within the first month. I’m going to start pinning ideas on Pinterest now so I’ll be ready for a move by September. On that note, I should start throwing stuff out too. I own way too much and the thought of moving it all is overwhelming!

Kimberly Grace

Outfit Details: 
Dear Creatures dress: c/o Emerging Thoughts (Check out the new DC presale!) 
Ampersand heels: Seychelles

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