Playing in the light


Nashville Light


During my Nashville trip, Keiko’s cousin, Claudia, sat me down as the sun was setting for some photos.The light was peeking through the windows and we literally had maybe ten minutes before it was completely gone. I’m so used to all the fake lens flares on instagram apps, so it was fun to get some photos with natural ones. I’ll have the rest of my photos from my trip up by next week.  I miss the fall leaves and southern food already. Keiko also brought me to Cracker Barrel for the first time. Mmm chicken and dumplings. So good. 

Kimberly Grace

P.S. For anyone interested, the dress is made by Darling and is available on Emerging Thoughts.  

Photos taken by the lovely and talented Claudia! View high resolution

Photos taken by the lovely and talented Claudia!

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