Like vines we intertwined

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My new roommate saw me change outfits three times the day these photos were taken. After she commented about the many outfit changes, I had two options. Either tell her it’s normal and that I’m basically Beyonce, or tell her the truth. The truth, mind you, is that I will always grab for my jeggings and an AA deep v neck shirt because that is my everyday “uniform.” Since I’m trying to break out of that habit, I was dressing up for a date night with Will. After taking the photos outside and seeing how cold it was, I said fuck it and changed again. This time around, it was the jeggings, my mustard UO sweater, and my Edelman Zoe heels. So I told her truth. I have a feeling she thinks I’m crazy but I’m a creature of comfort. I can’t help it. 

Speaking of comfort, I have a raging sore throat and will be cuddled up in my bed for the rest of the night. 

Kimberly Grace 

P.S. For anyone curious, Raul (my old roommate/favorite person) went back to school in Texas. I miss him like crazy but I’m so thankful for the years we lived together and that he is pursuing something important to him!

Outfit details:
Blouse: Gift from Will’s mom
Pencil skirt: American Apparel
Scalloped bag: Darling (c/o Emerging Thoughts)
Wedges: Boutique 9
Bear bracelet: Sea of Bees (also found here)
Necklace: 80/20 (Won at the Adopt NY raffle)
Ring: Rosey B Designs

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