Pull Apart Cinnamon Sugar Pumpkin Bread


I was looking through Pinterest a couple of weeks ago (username: Kimberlyhotdamn) when I saw a link to this: Pull apart cinnamon sugar pumpkin bread. I about died. I just revisited the link and I’m still drooling. It looks so good. I enlisted the help of my friend, Anna, since she has a bit more baking experience than I do. The above photos are of when we baked it, and let me tell you, it was freaking delicious. Like, as much of a bitch making bread is with all of the wait time, I’m considering making it again soon. Maybe right now. It’s that good. 

The recipe/ingredient list is sort of long so I’ll just let you click the link if you want to make it. But I do have a couple of changes that helped us out a lot. 

1) When it calls to start adding the flour to the dough a half a cup at a time, we just eyeballed it. The dough will be extremely sticky and you just need enough flour so that it stops sticking to the bowl and your hands. Use your judgement on this one. 

2) Once the dough was ready to sit and rise, we left it on a stool by the window so the sun would help with the warmth. Unfortunately, this was not enough. We turned on the oven and set the bowl on the stove top and it rose up really nicely. We also dampened the towel that we left on top of the bowl. 

3) When cutting the dough into squares for stacking, we didn’t cut as many as the recipe called for. I think next time I would actually try to follow it more. Everything was still delicious and worked, we just didn’t have as many small pieces. It was more like slices. 

4) Lastly, the original recipe called for 1/4 ounce of rum and doesn’t specify a type. We chose Captain Morgan spiced rum and it was perfect! The recipe we followed went with 1 full ounce for the glaze. And us, being the little lushes we are, did about an ounce and a half. Anna just dumped some more in after we measured the ounce so I have no idea how much it actually was. It was perfect though and I definitely recommend more over less. We also did shots throughout the baking process, another thing I highly recommend doing since bread takes a while to make with all the rising time. 

Overall, the recipe was fairly easy to make (just a bit time consuming). We painted our nails in between and watched Moonrise Kingdom. The bread was absolutely delicious and considering that our changes didn’t mess it up, I’d say it’s definitely worth making.  

Kimberly Grace 

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