In the meantime…

Fall Leaves

Fall Leaves

I arrived in Florida yesterday and have been spending time with my parents and their new puppy, Otto. So far we’ve decorated the tree, gone to the beach (yay Christmas in Florida), and had cotton candy ice cream from Larry’s. All the best things. Having a little puppy running around is magical during the holidays. Although, I’ll be honest, he is hyper as anything. 

I’ve been working on some kinks in the blog so hopefully it will be all systems go soon. In the meantime, I better get some sleep. I have Christmas shopping to finish tomorrow. Then I’ll turn into an elf and wrap everything. I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season with their friends and families!

Kimberly Grace

Outfit Details:
Darling dress - Emerging Thoughts (on sale & check site for today’s deal!)
Darling scalloped bag - c/o Emerging Thoughts
Initial ring: Gift from Keiko 

  1. kathleendevon said: Makes me think of the wknd at my house and how it was just beach and food!! Miss ya pooks
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