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Between volunteering and Breaking Dawn (eep!!) during the day and then working and Friendsgiving at night, I won’t have time to update so here goes…

People always question why I live in LA. “You’re not an actor? Why are you out here?” But honestly, I love it (and hello, the weather!). I still travel in and out of the country yearly. I’m able to support myself and have the life I want. I have an incredible support system in the form of family AND friends. In a world where it’s so hard to meet good people that you can connect with, I’ve been beyond blessed. I have such wonderful people in my life and I am so grateful for that. I’d like to think I get what I’ve given but maybe someone is just looking out for me.

I want to thank all the people in my life for making it better. My roommate for the peaceful and fun household. All the dogs that give me kisses and let me rub their bellies. For my best friends that deal with the ridiculous phone calls.. and my boyfriend who deals with my ridiculousness every day. My mom and dad for having me and loving me even though I moved across the country. And for my new little pug brother, who I can not wait to meet. Happy Turkey and Tofurky day to everyone. Surround yourself with love this holiday and every day. 

Kimberly Grace 

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