Is it getting better now?

I wanted to get these pictures up before I left for New York. Liz took them after the Melrose/Fairfax flea last weekend. My mission to get a birthday gift for a friend was a success. The desk, not so much. But I’d rather wait for the perfect piece then just buy something to fill the space. I’m on a buying only things I love kick, which would explain the not one, but two, returns I just had to make. I think I’m done online shopping. It’s depressing as hell when the items don’t fit. 

I’m currently freaking out about getting everything done before my trip. I’m closing at work tonight and then running home to pack and leave for the airport. Not the best planning skills over here. And I’ve inherited my parent’s aniexty. Wonderful. Keiko and Samara have already told me I can borrow anything I forget but still… I hate packing. I hate stressing. Poor Will had to deal with me freaking out this morning. He handles me so well when my crazy sets in. But yea, better get back to it. 

Kimberly Grace

Outfit details:
Dress: Shareen’s Vintage
Pansy flats: Seychelles
Bag: R and Em
Rings: Gift from Keiko and c/o Simple Twist

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